Visualised and the concept created in 1975, Hospital Housekeeping Systems (HHS) is a privately owned and operated acute care environmental services provider. With the expertise to improve facility standards in the healthcare industry, HHS delivers quality results and financial guarantees to clients nationwide. The Education Custodial Systems (ECS) division of HHS extends the same services and benefits to customers who administer educational institutions. The company is recognized for combining a technology based infrastructure and an unparalleled resource management program to provide industry-leading housekeeping and laundry/linen management services industry-leading housekeeping and facility management services

Outsourcing is one method that companies have to help them to cope with these external forces. Once functions are outsourced, the company no longer needs to worry about staying up on the “latest and greatest technology” or finding the “best business practice” related to HHS . While outsourcing has been able to deliver cost savings and free the organization from the administrative burden of managing non-core business processes, it has yet to prove that it can deliver innovation, flexibility and key capabilities for organizations to be successful in the future.

METRO MASTER is a Chennai based service organization, yet another brainchild of Mr. Laxminarayan. PS, who is well experienced in Outsourcing, Facility management and cleansing Industry. His first company is Care Quartz Service Providers Pvt. Ltd. Specializing in premises cleaning and maintenance. Metro Master's core strength in this business is to provide Facility Management, Human Resources Outsourcing & Housekeeping, Managing and Maintenance Services from large to small level of customers in this country. We believe in customer-oriented services.